24 Nov 2009

MacBook Pro on 802.11n 5GHz with Time Capsule

If you have a mixture of US, Hong Kong and European Apple 802.11n (5GHz) equipment in your home, then it is likely you'll not be able to use 5GHz because the overlap in channels is small between the 3 regions. To make matters worse, Apple's Airport Extreme or Time Capsule doesn't allow you to manually select the channels when in 5GHz mode.

More over, UK computers are not workable with the "Use wide channel" option on Airport Extremes.

See http://support.apple.com/kb/SP20:

  • Channels 1-11, 36-48, and 149-165 approved for use in the United States and Canada.

  • Channels 1-14, 36-64 approved for use in Japan

  • Channels 1-13, 36-140 approved for use in Europe

  • Channels 1-13, 36-64 approved for use in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand

So that means the overlap for US and Europe for 5GHz is only 36-48. That is barely 12 channels out of 100+ channels. Because you cannot set the channels manually on the Time Capsule, 5 times out of 6 your Time Capsule will not work with any 5GHz devices bought in Europe.


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