13 Mar 2010

Back in London

Arrived back to London last Thursday morning. Had a great flight back, and got home in good time. And as usual, I got asked at customs about whether I had food in my luggage. Every. Single. Time. At. Heathrow. My arms were so sore from snowboarding and lugging my luggage from one side of Tokyo to another that I could barely make it down the stairs with my luggage (yes, welcome to London) when changing at Bank/Monument. I avoided taking the taxi since I wasn't really in a rush.

On Friday, I rocked into work that seemed to have surprised some people who thought I wouldn't be in till Monday. Mainly spent the day catching up on 2 weeks of email and updating everyone with a different anecdote from my awesome trip to Japan. Caught up with Jess in the evening who lives in Amsterdam but was passing by London. Hadn't seen each other for over a year. We didn't really have any plans (yes, I'm like that), so we ended up trekking from Covent Garden to Chinatown and had dinner a Leongs Legend, followed up by drinks at the Bedford and Strand. It was a lot more packed than the last time I was there. So time to find a new place.

On Saturday, I lazed around home till the afternoon, and caught a quick double caffeine shot at the Flat White in Soho. I hung out there for around an hour, saw the pulse of the cafe heave and sink as people came in tides rather than a constant stream. Trekked over to Notting Hill-ish area for some delicious modern Spanish Tapas and birthday dinner with friends.

On Sunday, I cleaned the kitchen a bit, and practised making ้›ž่›‹ไป” in the morning. I'm getting better and better at this, but still much room for improvement. Not sure what I did for the rest of the day, but I think it just involved doing laundry and probably writing some code for some personal projects.

Getting back to work after a vacation is always tough. This week was more tough than usual, lots of crazy deadlines to chase, lots of meetings to be had and things to do. It really felt like I had done two weeks of work in one. I cringed when I saw people using my app - so much more to improve on but so much more new stuff to add. One shining light at the end of the week was proof that my code was awesome when things worked in a totally different context than what we wrote it for. Good times.

I got excited about Street View launch in Hong Kong, provided me with hours of fun. Then the iPad pre-orders started in the US, but I couldn't manage to get an order in because (a) the launch is on a Saturday, so sending it to the US Office might not of been the best idea and (b) I didn't have enough money in my US accounts to get one and they wouldn't accept my UK credit card.

I finally got around to updating the address on my driver's license which I was supposed to do a year ago. I finally submitted the application online through their website (which was an ordeal because they closed the website at night!) and sent my cut up license on Monday. Managed to receive my new license on Friday which I thought was a quick turnaround.

Sent off some US checks for depositing so that I could try and shore up my US account for the iPad purchase. I should of done this months ago, but then today I just received another US check I could of deposited. I'm lazy like that, some day I need to figure out how to change the address of that account so that I can receive my new card!

Wrapped up the week with a TGIF drinks, been a while since I hadn't had to rush off to somewhere on a Friday night. Ended the night with a really late drinks and dinner in Canary Wharf at Wahaca. It's actually quite interesting Mexican food, a far cry from the huge portions and dense burritos I've had in SF. To be honest, I kinda enjoyed Wahaca a lot more than I expected.

Trying out a new way to force myself to blog more by trying to summarize the week. Let's see if this sticks. See you next week, maybe.

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