08 Jul 2010

Mobile Data SIM in Greece

Part of my travel rituals these days is to try and get mobile data on a prepaid SIM card.

This time I travelled to Greece and managed to get a data-only SIM with Vodafone. I went into a Vodafone shop in Athens and asked for a prepay SIM card with data on it. They asked me whether I wanted to make voice calls on it, and I said no.

They gave me a Vodafone Mobile Broadband on Demand SIM with a 10GB for 10 days voucher. This cost me €19. All the instructions were in Greek and all the literature that came with the card assumed you have a Vodafone branded USB modem. In fact, you don't need one. You just need to make sure the device settings on your handset (in my case an iPhone and a Nexus One) is set to:

APN: web.session

User: <blank>

Password: <blank>

Online you can find a few references to different APN settings like internet, vmckarta and such. Those do not work on this SIM, you need to use web.session. I only found out after calling the support line.

Once you get the SIM working, you need to fire up a web browser and browse any page, you'll be redirected to the vodafone voucher entry page. From here, you can just enter your voucher number and accept the terms.

From then on, you'll get 10GB of data for 10 days. €19 for 10 days is pretty cheap considering how much hotel wifi goes for, and the convenience of having Google Maps or Google Translate where ever you go.

I only had one hitch with Vodafone where they expired my credit for a day after 5 days. I don't know whether I did something or if their systems were down, but the next day I could use it normally again.

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