This is an alternative Keychain Module Plug-in for Quicksilver.

Features Include

  • Browsing Keychain(s), Keychain Items and Keychain Item Properties via Quicksilver with arrow keys. Similar to Address Book Entry browsing.
  • Copying [assword, account name and comments to clipboard
  • Adding keychains and keychain items to catalog


Keychain Plugin v2.1 for Quicksilver (10.4.x only) Keychain Plugin v2.0 for Quicksilver (10.3.x only)

Version History

  • 2.1 (1 June 2005) Update to Tiger
    • Compiled for Tiger. Works for Quicksilver b42.
    • Sorted Keychain Items list
    • Catalog now works properly!
    • Includes Internet Passwords (support still flakey)

  • 2.0 (28 March 2005) Initial Release


  • Locking and Unlocking Keychain via Quicksilver
  • Pasting password/account name/etc directly to application.
  • Searching through all available keychains via Quicksilver text input



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